Main features and process optimization of Pvc window door profile lamination machine

- Apr 14, 2019-

The Pvc window door profile lamination machine introduces advanced technology, comprehensive domestic facts, and a new model that has been repeatedly researched and tested over the years. The positive pressure is increased on the original negative pressure, and the positive and negative pressure are combined to form a pressure-pressing molding, and the workpiece is more ideal. The use of digital automation control is the ideal processing equipment for furniture, cabinets, decorative materials, paint-free doors, art, advertising, speaker industry, PVC, plastic film, and Boeing film.


The  Pvc window door profile lamination machine heating system uses special materials to make the heating faster and more uniform; the two working surfaces can be recycled when working, the working efficiency is at least one loss than the single machine, and the cost is saved a lot; the operation is single, the circuit is accompanied by the alarm system, the novice You can also get started quickly and minimize technical difficulty.


When the  Pvc window door profile lamination machine is used, the wood-based board substrate that meets the requirements shall be selected. The substrate shall be dense and not desquamated, and the board surface shall be flat; and the surface of the board shall be cleaned; the high quality PVC film may be selected. Screening for performance testing of various quality PVC films.


Before the film is coated on the PVC film, the PVC film should be fixed; the process parameters of the film should be carried out strictly according to the temperature reaching 160 °C. In order to ensure the forming effect of PVC film coating, the backing plate is placed under the workpiece. The PVC film is an important process for the decoration of the furniture surface. The quality of the processing directly affects the appearance and performance of the furniture, so pay attention to pvc. Each step of the door frame laminator operation optimizes the lamination process.