Introduction to the bronzing auxiliary materials of the automatic Hot Stamping Extrusion Line

- Jul 02, 2020-

(1) Color film

Use pigments and adhesives to mix into a liquid, apply it to a flat object such as glass, and peel off after drying to obtain a color flake. This kind of color chip is light and loose in texture, soft in color, low strength, easy to break, and can also be used for hot stamping. When hot stamping operation, handle it gently. Color chip is a simple and popular hot stamping material. It is made of pigment as the main body, mixed with bonding materials, and mixed with certain fillers according to specific conditions. During production, the glass is immersed in the mixed solution. When taken out, there is a layer of paint on it. After drying, the thickness is about to be peeled off according to a certain specification, and it becomes a color chip on the paper, which can be directly hot stamped on the hot stamping object.

Hot stamping adhesive

(2) Since some metal foils, metal powders and powder foils have no adhesive coating, they do not have the ability to bond with the hot-stamped items. Therefore, a substance with a strong bonding ability is required as a hot-stamping adhesive. In the process operation, egg whites, rosin powder, shellac, etc. are generally used, coated or sprinkled on the bonded objects, and then metal foil or powder, etc. are covered on it, heated and pressurized to solidify or melt, and The hot stamping material adheres to the hot stamped article.