Introduction of hot stamping machine

- Nov 01, 2019-

The hot stamping machine can bake any color mark, portrait photo, landscape pattern, etc. on porcelain plate, porcelain plate, PVC plate, metal plate, especially suitable for making medals, power of attorney, advertising agency, specialty store card, commemorative card, Tombstones, cultural shirts, etc.

The machine that can transfer the electro-aluminized foil hot stamping material to the printed matter by hot pressing is called a hot stamping machine.


Hot stamping is to use hot stamping machine hot stamping plate to press hot stamping foil on the printed part, melt the adhesive layer of hot stamping foil, separate the color carrier from the paper base, and the image color material is hot pressed on the printing surface. A printing method until the toner adheres to the surface to be printed.

Commonly used hot stamping machines are available in both batch and continuous modes.

The intermittent hot stamping machine performs hot stamping when both the printing member and the hot stamping foil are stationary;

The continuous hot stamping machine performs hot stamping in the case of continuous movement of the printing member and the hot stamping head.