Improvement measures of traditional Hot Stamping Extrusion Line heating method

- Sep 06, 2020-

At present, the heating method adopted by the roll paper hot stamping machine is to fix the hot stamping plate on the heating honeycomb plate seat for conduction heating, and then use the temperature and pressure of the hot stamping machine to make the fusible thermoplastic glue in the anodized aluminum adhere to the printing material To complete the transfer of anodized aluminum. In the actual production process, due to the difference in the temperature control performance of the equipment itself, the difference in the quality stability of the anodized aluminum, the change in ambient temperature, the surface of the printing material and other characteristics, the actual hot stamping process often occurs due to the poor release of the anodized aluminum. Quality problems such as flowers and incompleteness affect the efficiency of hot stamping. In view of the above problems, the method of locally controllable heating of the paper to be hot stamped is adopted to solve the problem of insufficient temperature rise or uneven temperature of the hot stamping plate. Before the printing material enters the hot stamping machine cylinder, preheat control of the position of the paper to be hot stamped. Generally, it is recommended that the preheating temperature be around 50°C or below, too high will cause the paper to deform; multiple independent preheat generating devices can be made, which can be moved and selected flexibly. Each preheating unit can also carry out individual temperature control according to the actual situation to prevent reasonable control when the equipment temperature is uneven. Compared with the current single hot stamping machine heating method, it solves the temperature limit of the hot stamping machine, changes the surface characteristics of the printing material, improves the adhesion between the anodized aluminum glue layer and the printing paper, and reduces the problem of hot stamping. It is estimated that the machine speed can be increased by 5-10m/min and the efficiency can be increased by 20%.