How to use the hot stamping machine

- Feb 20, 2019-

Preparation before hot stamping. There are two tasks for preparing hot stamping and hot stamping.

(1) Preparation of hot materials. Including the choice of electrochemical aluminum models and cutting according to specifications. Different models, the performance and the range of materials and scope are also different,

For example, white paper and ink-printed prints, solid prints and dot prints, large size and small size, etc., the choice of electrified aluminum models will be different.

For example, when the hot stamping area is large, it is necessary to select an electrochemical aluminum that is easy to transfer; for hot stamping small text or pattern, you can choose an electrochemical aluminum that is not easy to transfer;


For general graphics, you should choose a general-purpose aluminum alloy. Before use, the large volume of electrochemical aluminum shall be cut into the required specifications according to the area of the hot stamping.

When cutting, it is necessary to leave a certain amount of space, but also to avoid wasting raw materials, which must be calculated in advance.

(2) Preparation of hot stamping plate. The plate used for hot stamping is a copper plate, which is characterized by good heat transfer performance, pressure resistance, wear resistance and no deformation. When the number of hot stamping is small,

A zinc plate can also be used. Copper and zinc plates require the use of thick plates of 1.5mm or more, and are processed into a letterpress by photolithography. The corrosion depth of the graphic should generally reach

To 0.5 to 0.6 mm. When processing, it should be slightly deeper, and the difference between the height of the graphic and the blank should be as large as possible, so that it can be reduced during hot stamping.

Now contiguous and paste, in order to ensure the quality of hot stamping.