How to solve the problems in the hot stamping process of the Hot Stamping Machine For PVC Ceiling Panel

- Jan 27, 2021-

① Too much powder on the surface of the printed parts, the printing ink is not dry or the surface contains additives such as debonding agent and bright oil, which will hinder the adsorption of anodized aluminum and paper. It can be used to remove the powder on the surface of the printed product or solve it in the printing process. ②Improper selection of anodized aluminum will directly affect the hot stamping fastness. What type of anodized aluminum should be selected according to the size of the hot stamping area and the characteristics of the hot stamping material. There are many models of electrochemical aluminum materials on the market, and various models correspond to substrates of different materials and their most suitable hot stamping range. They are mainly distinguished by adhesion and peeling degree during use. When the operator selects an anodized aluminum material with poor fastness and tightness for hot stamping, the hot stamping pattern on the cigarette pack will appear to be incorrectly stamped and gold dropped. When selecting anodized aluminum, please refer to the following classifications: bronzing on ordinary products (general ink color), anodized aluminum has 88-I type, KURZ PM type: cigarette packs, cosmetics and other thick ink printed materials (including gold and silver printing) The hot stamping anodized aluminum has 88-2 type; the thin-stroke hot stamping of anodized aluminum such as cigarette labels, cosmetic packaging, etc. has 88-3, 88-4 type, PM288, etc. Suitable for 0PP or PET laminated paper and cardboard with UV ink There are 88-4 type, K series, LK series, and SP series for hot stamping anodized aluminum products such as glazing paper, etc. ③ Failure to properly master the matching of hot stamping equipment, hot stamping time and hot stamping temperature will affect the hot stamping fastness and The clarity of the graphic outline. Due to different equipment and materials to be stamped, stamping time and stamping temperature are different. For example, the high-speed circular press is fast, and the embossing line is in contact, and the hot stamping temperature will be higher than the circular press or flat press. In general, the hot stamping temperature for round pressing is 190%~220℃, round pressing is about 130℃~150℃, and flat pressing is about 100℃~120℃. Of course, the hot stamping time, hot stamping temperature and production efficiency are still largely restricted by the transfer performance of the anodized aluminum. Also pay attention to check whether the pressure is balanced, and if some pictures and texts cannot be hot stamped, check whether the hot stamping plate is damaged.