How to improve the bronzing process of the Hot Stamping Extrusion Line

- Sep 26, 2020-

1. Choose the appropriate anodized aluminum model according to the different substrates

The structure of anodized aluminum has 5 layers, namely: polyester film layer, peeling layer, color layer (protective layer), aluminum layer and glue layer. There are many types of anodized aluminum, the common ones are No. 1, No. 2, No. 8, No. 12, No. 15 and so on. In addition to gold, there are dozens of colors, such as silver, blue, brown-red, green, and red. Choosing anodized aluminum should not only choose the right color, but also choose the corresponding model according to the different substrates. Different models have different performance and suitable ironing materials. Under normal circumstances, the hot stamping of paper products is mostly used for No. 8, because No. 8 anodized aluminum has moderate adhesion and good gloss, which is more suitable for hot stamping on general printing paper or glazing paper and varnished cloth. If you are hot stamping on hard plastic, you should choose other corresponding models, such as No. 15 anodized aluminum. The quality of anodized aluminum is mainly checked by visual inspection and feel, such as checking the color, brightness and trachoma of the anodized aluminum. Good quality anodized aluminum requires uniform color, smooth after hot stamping, and no trachoma. The fastness and tightness of the anodized aluminum can generally be checked by rubbing it by hand or trying to stick the surface layer with transparent tape. If the anodized aluminum does not fall off easily, it means that the fastness and tightness are good, and it is more suitable for hot stamping small text patterns, and it is not easy to paste the plate during hot stamping; if the anodized aluminum falls off after being gently rubbed, it indicates that its tightness is poor. It can be used for hot stamping with relatively sparse graphics and text; in addition, pay attention to the broken ends of anodized aluminum, the less the broken ends, the better. It is worth noting that the anodized aluminum must be stored properly. It should be stored in a ventilated and dry place. It should not be mixed with acids, alkalis, alcohols and other substances. It must be protected from moisture, high temperature and sun, otherwise the aluminum will shorten Period of use.

2. Choose the right substrate

There are many substrates that can be bronzed, usually paper, such as: coated paper, white paper, white cardboard, cloth paper, offset paper, etc. But not all paper bronzing is ideal. If the surface is rough and loose paper, such as book paper, poor offset paper, etc., because the anodized aluminum layer cannot be attached to the surface well, it has a unique metallic luster It cannot be reflected well, or it may not be hot stamped.