How to deal with the color scale problem of double-sided Foam Board Hot Stamping Machine

- Oct 05, 2020-

Directly make a black plate with the same printing area and mark it as spot color gradation white. When printing, print white first, and then print double-sided hot stamping machine hot stamping. The white gradation version is actually a spot color gradation version, the area is the same as the graphic area you need, CMYK+ spot color gradation is white. For example, if you want to write on a cement wall, you usually have to apply a layer of white paint first, and then apply other color levels. The reason is the same. Normally, if a color gradation is produced, a color gradation bar should be printed to check the drying conditions on each density step in the process of the color gradation being out of the forest. It is generally four color gradations. The strips are neatly arranged. Most of the color scales are derived from the hot stamping combination of this double-sided hot stamping machine, so each color scale is a black scale, but they represent different color scales C, M, Y, K, just look at the ratio. Then it is carried out by printing the bronzing ink of the double-sided bronzing machine.