How the Wrapping Laminating Machine works

- Jul 20, 2019-

The working principle of the Wrapping Laminating Machine is not complicated. The decorative material to be covered on the surface of the substrate is formed by various molding pressure rollers to simulate the manual covering process to cover the substrate. Usually, in the covering operation, the starting point is mostly selected at the height or the lowest point of the central axis position of the substrate, and the decorative material is covered on the surface of the substrate by the pressing wheel.

There are two main types of Wrapping Laminating Machines we use every day, namely hot glue wraping machines and cold glue wrapingmachines. However, as the market demand continues to increase, the production of wrapping laminating machines is an important innovation. The hot glue wrapping laminating machine is mainly a mechanical equipment which uses solid glue as a raw material. After the hot glue box of the laminating machine works, the solid glue is melted and then the next operation is performed. The hot glue laminating machine is mainly used in the field of covering with decorative paint paper as the main decorative material.

The main materials used in the cold glue wrapping laminating machine are liquid glues including water-based glue and solvent glue. The volatile-resistant glue such as water-based glue can be covered by roll coating instead of solvent. Glue, a highly volatile gel, is suitable for covering work by scraping.