Hot stamping process and element control of Pvc plate hot stamping machine

- Apr 10, 2019-

Pvc plate hot stamping machine adopts the principle of blanching and advanced technology; the equipment adopts advanced microcomputer temperature control system, made of high quality steel, easy to use, practical, durable, low power consumption and good thermal effect. Because its control panel directly identifies the gear position for adjusting the temperature, it can be controlled at 0 °C -650 °C to automatically maintain the constant temperature after setting the specified temperature. It can adjust different temperatures to suit the product effect, and the word change is simple and convenient. Easy to operate and easy to carry.


The hot stamping process of Pvc plate hot stamping machine includes three major factors: temperature, pressure and time. In order to obtain the ideal hot stamping effect, the surface of Pvc board should be smooth and smooth first; clean and free of oil, dust and water. The Pvc plate hot stamping machine has an automatic temperature control device, which sets a reasonable hot stamping temperature according to the material.


Pvc plate hot stamping machine first pressure test, the pressure is gradually adjusted from low to high, as far as possible with a lower pressure to burn out a uniform and complete graphic, and finally determine the pressure, stabilized, and official production. The hot stamping time of the Pvc board hot stamping machine should not be too long. Generally within 2 seconds, the normal flat is more than 1 second.