Hot stamping machine type

- Mar 07, 2019-

There are many types of bronzing machines, which can be roughly divided into paper gilding and plastic gilding. The machinery used in the two categories is also different. Paper gilding machines can be divided into six types:

1, manual type of beer-type hot stamping machine, this model is quite similar to the size of manual beer machine. It can be stamped with 28" x 40" paper, and the process is mostly manual operation and slower.

2, manual small hot stamping machine, only hot stamping small paper;

3. Flat pressing and ironing machine. This model is available in a variety of sizes, from small to hot wide-width folios. The computer is equipped with a stable gold foil, which is slower and more man-made.


4, Heidelberg automatic rolling type hot stamping machine. This bronzing machine was actually modified from a letterpress machine, as the current typography has been replaced by offset printing. The machine factory mobilized its brain to convert the machine into a fully automatic hot stamping machine, mainly to convert the Yupan part into a heating glue and a device for inserting a bronzing plate, and to install a gold paper assembly. This machine has a very good effect on the extremely convex surface of hot lines.

5, flat flat automatic hot stamping machine, similar to automatic beer machine, the price is higher, the user is not much, but the speed is the fastest model, the hot stamping area is also larger.

6, automatic air-throat hot stamping machine, modified by Heidelberg mobile version of the throat machine, the paper size l 3 inches × 18 inches, fast, is the tool used in the current bronzing factory;

Pay attention to temperature, pressure and time when bronzing. If the quality of the bronzing is good, choose a thermoplastic gold foil to match the bronzing machine. For example, the flat press and the rolling type have different effects, and the appropriate temperature, pressure and retention time are also included. The lightness of the pressure depends on the hardness of the material being burned and the texture of the surface. A smooth or soft surface material, lighter pressure, rough or hard, can apply a relatively high pressure. The flat pressing and ironing machine is a simultaneous hot pressing of the whole sheet, the air throat machine is the line pressure and then turned into a flat pressure; the rolling type machine is similar to the line pressure of the offset printing machine. It is better to print good results in the shortest time. If the time is too long, the gold foil and the hot stamped paper will be damaged, and the flash foil will become a matte foil. The pattern to be stamped and the printed pattern should be registered when using a hot stamping machine or a large area of hot stamping.