Hot stamping machine operation

- Nov 05, 2019-

1. The hot stamping machine pulls the rocker up, so that the heating plate is fully opened and plugged in, the main power switch is turned on, and the indicator light is on;

2. Adjust the left temperature regulator (the three buttons represent the single digit, ten digits, and hundred digits respectively), press + or - to adjust to the appropriate temperature (150 °C - 200 °C), and the heating time is about 15-20 minutes;

3. Adjust the right timer knob to adjust to the appropriate time (the length of time depends on different materials);

4. When the temperature reaches the set value, the machine will automatically enter the constant temperature state;

5. Place the plate flat on the printing table, then stack the picture (the size of the picture page must be larger than the size of the plate to prevent the edge from being indented and affect the final effect of the product). Press the rocker hard down; Note: The pressure cannot be Too big, otherwise it will cause the rocker to deform!

6. When the time is up, the buzzer will sound. At this time, raise the rocker and take out the plate (make it immersed in cold water after removal to prevent the ink from spreading), and dry it;

7. The temperature of the baked metal plate is generally 170-180 ° C, the time is 20-40 seconds, the temperature of the baked porcelain plate is generally 180-190 ° C, and the time is 60-90 seconds.