Hot stamping machine for pmma edgebands with high smoothness and pressure requirements

- May 18, 2019-

The hot stamping transfer of the aluminum layer of the hot stamping machine for pmma edgebands must be done by pressure. The size of the stamping pressure affects the adhesion fastness of the electrochemical aluminum. Even if the temperature is right, if the pressure is not enough, the electrochemical aluminum can not be transferred to the substrate well, which will cause problems such as embossing, stenciling, etc. On the contrary, if the pressure is too large, the compression deformation of the liner and the substrate is too large. The blot will be thick, even sticky, paste. Generally, the stamping pressure should be appropriately adjusted to achieve the principle of not fading and good adhesion.

hot stamping machine for pmma edgebands adjusts the stamping pressure during operation to integrate various factors such as substrate, hot stamping temperature, vehicle speed and anodized aluminum itself. Generally speaking, if the paper is strong, the smoothness is high, the printed ink layer is thick, and the hot stamping temperature is high and the vehicle speed is slow, the hot stamping pressure should be smaller, and vice versa. The stamping pressure must be uniform. If it is found that the local hot stamping is not on the hemp, it is likely that the pressure here is too small. A thin paper should be placed on the flat plate to make the pressure tend to balance.

The stamping of the  hot stamping machine for pmma edgebands has a greater impact on the pressure. The hard pad can make the print clear, suitable for strong and smooth paper, such as coated paper and glass cardboard; while the soft pad is the opposite, the print is thicker, suitable for large-scale hot stamping, especially the surface is uneven. , paper flatness, poor smoothness, rough paper.