Hoisting and handling installation of UV coating machine

- Nov 27, 2019-

This machine can be transported directly at the bottom of the machine with a forklift and placed in the carriage or transported inside the container.


1. When transporting forks, there must be no violent movements and collisions.

2. The fork arm of the forklift truck must exceed the bottom of the machine to ensure the balance of the machine.

3. When transporting, confirm that the carrying equipment is overloaded.

4. Avoid collisions and bad weather during transportation.

5. Pay attention to protect the paint on the surface of the machine from being scratched.

6. When it is necessary to temporarily store the machine, please put it in dry and room temperature environment.


1. First select a suitable horizontal position and be careful to keep a sufficient distance from the surrounding obstacles.

2 Adjust the adjustable foot cup of the four-corner bottom plate to calibrate the vertical and horizontal levels of the fuselage