Four problems in the design of high speed gravure printing machine

- Nov 15, 2019-

At present, there are four problems in the design of high-speed gravure printing machines in China. These four bottlenecks have long plagued the development of high-speed printing presses in China.


1. The transmission error is large. The general electronic shaft transmission form uses a fixed servo motor. The spline sleeve is matched with the spline shaft. The gear and the gear are used for power transmission (or the pulley and the spline shaft are matched), and then driven by the cylinder. When the shaft is dressed up, the cumulative error between the drives directly affects the color registration accuracy of the electronic shaft;


2, the noise is large, the current high-speed gravure printing machine in China due to the use of gear matching transmission technology, in the 200~400m / min printing speed running state will produce greater noise, wear and tear;


3, the transmission gap wear is large, due to the cooperation of the spline sleeve with the spline shaft, the transmission gap error between the gear and the gear, the gear and the spline shaft, etc., so there is multi-level wear, and wear is certain The degree will affect the overprint accuracy;


4, easy to appear flying phenomenon, when gravure printing at 200 ~ 400m / min high-speed printing, if there is no good solution, the flying ink will occur seriously, easy to get stuck without shaft mounted shaft.