Foam Board Hot Stamping Machine-a fighter in the printing industry

- Nov 16, 2020-

1. The manual (procedure paper) flat-pressing hot stamping machine is easy to operate, easy to grasp the quality of hot stamping, and the machine is small in size, but the speed of the machine is subject to certain restrictions, about 1000 to 2000 prints per hour. 2. The body structure and device of the automatic flat-pressing hot stamping machine are basically the same as the manual hand-pressing flat hot stamping machine. The difference is that the paper feeding and receiving are delivered by the mechanical bite. It is characterized by a high degree of automation, low labor intensity, and a speed of about 1200 to 2000 prints per hour. 3. The round press round hot stamping machine, because the hot stamping machine is in line contact with the hot stamping part, its pressure is greater than that of the flat contact hot stamping method. At the same time, due to the reciprocating rotation, the speed can also be greater than the flat reciprocating linear motion, the general speed Up to 1500-2000 prints. 4. Manual and semi-automatic machines: mostly used for products with short delivery time and not too large quantities; horizontal flattening automatic machines: mostly used for fine and high-end products with large batches; vertical automatic hot stamping and die-cutting machines: It is mostly used for products with large volume and frequent plate adjustment; circular flattening automatic machine: the accuracy is better, but because the pressure is not too large, pay attention to the requirements of the printed product when selecting.