Film wrapping machine for pvc door frames and configuration requirements

- May 27, 2019-

In the process of operation, the film wrapping machine for pvc door framescan produce bright and elegant crystal plates, colored diamond plates and various color furniture veneers to automatically complete gluing, veneering, drying, hot pressing and cutting. Advanced technical indicators, high precision, reasonable layout, novel structure and convenient operation are ideal equipment for sheet coating.

Film wrapping machine for pvc door frames configuration

Dust-removing and dust-removing mechanism, glue-coating mechanism, paper-discharging mechanism, automatic paper-cutting mechanism, and hot-pressing mechanism.

Film wrapping machine for pvc door frames features

Automatic unwinding, rectification and tilting, adjustable speed, static elimination, dust removal, preheating, gluing, hot pressing and cold pressing.

Main features of film wrapping machine for pvc door frames

1: Separately indicate that the dust removal system is equipped with a corresponding vacuum cleaner, so that the plastering shows no flaws.

2: Each independent single unit has an emergency switch to avoid accidents.

3: The use of air pressure molding can make the surface force control the size, completely eliminate the old-fashioned film machine using the spring to do the pressure single.

4: The frequency conversion speed regulation is equipped with a high-power motor to make the overall speed of the machine consistent, and the spacing of each plate is consistent during operation.

5: Gluing is carried out beyond the clutch device, indicating that the glue is more uniform.