Film wrapping machine for pvc ceiling panels installation skills

- Apr 16, 2019-

When installing the film wrapping machine for pvc ceiling panels, first determine the operator 2-3, the equipment should be installed in a clean environment, the ground level of the workshop. After the equipment is in place, remove the accessories on the machine and check and verify according to the packing list. Adjust the anchor bolts so that they are evenly stressed to bring the fuselage to a level.


Then check whether the film wrapping machine for pvc ceiling panels is damaged during the transportation. The equipment adopts 380V three-phase four-wire power supply. The power line should be greater than 2.5mm2, and the rightmost line of the power supply line is zero line. The PVC ceiling cladding machine is installed with a grounding wire according to the grounding standard. Turn on the power to check if the motor, heater, lighting, etc. are normal.


The application of the film wrapping machine for pvc ceiling panels replaces the traditional paint processing technology and plays a very important role in daily applications. Maintenance is also irrelevant to its use. Make sure to turn off the power after each use to avoid unnecessary trouble.


In addition, if there is any damage to the parts during the use of thefilm wrapping machine for pvc ceiling panels, do not disassemble the maintenance. Do not promptly ask the professional maintenance personnel for the disassembly and repair work. Otherwise, it will bring more equipment. Serious damage, and delays in repairs, delay the work, and will increase the cost of some repairs in vain.