Film compound machine operating procedures

- Jan 02, 2019-

Preparation of the film laminating machine before starting up:

1. Read the production task list carefully, fill in the picking list according to the material name and quantity required by the production task list, and find the composite material of the corresponding specifications and quantity according to the picking list, and confirm whether the printing film has been placed in the specified area.

2. Check whether the composite primer is qualified (check the corona surface, corona value, thickness, width, appearance, crystal point, wrinkle), confirm whether the printing material needs to be rolled and the appearance quality (check whether there is color difference with the standard sample) Check whether the printed film has any defects such as cut lines, ink dots, missing marks, plate marks, and dry plates.

3. Find the corresponding gluing roller according to the product requirements, and check whether it has any shortcomings. According to the technical information of “Composite Process Record Card”, collect the corresponding glue and replace it with the corresponding specification of the wire roller.

4. Assist employees in printing films and composite materials.

5. Dispense the glue according to the specification and proportion of the glue. The ester sol is stirred for 15 minutes and the water gel is stirred for 30 minutes.

6. Set the drying temperature, tension, pressure and other parameters according to the process parameters of the Composite Process Record Card.

7. Turn on the water, electricity and gas of the machine to check if there is any abnormality such as air leakage. If there is abnormal equipment, repair it in time.

Film laminating machine production:

1. Turn on the machine to produce 500 meters to cut or stop, and carefully check the product quality: gluing position, composite white point, composite bubble, composite wrinkle, film curl, product unit size and other common problems, and according to the actual inspection situation Fill in the "First Confirmation Record Form". It is necessary to mature and get the ripening room for 30 minutes to see the composite effect.

2. In the normal production process, check the operation of the machine, whether the temperature and air pressure are normal, the sizing situation, the quality of the composite material, and whether the glue splash is properly blocked.

3. After cutting each film, take a sample of about 1 meter, carefully check the quality of the product, pay special attention to the control of compound white point, bubble, wrinkle, size shrinkage, winding tension, and ask the assistants to do the process. The inspection and the record of the Process Inspection Report.

4. The quality abnormality occurs during the production process. After the treatment, the mark must be marked in time, and the problem, the number of meters, the position of the channel should be clearly written on the semi-finished product label, and the process should be noted.

5, in the production process, the quality of the abnormal situation, the treatment of 500 meters still can not solve the problem, must be back to the production department, the production department head to solve and make decisions. It is not allowed to conceal or make a claim for production.

6. Arrange and supervise the work status and work quality of the auxiliary employees, especially the product curing temperature and time of different structures and material thicknesses.

7, in accordance with the company's requirements to fill out the production daily report carefully, the data must be true, write the producer, date, time.

8. Maintain the environmental sanitation inside and outside the machine, and ensure the placement of materials, loading trolleys, glue buckets, pads, paper tubes, items on the office desk, and positioning of objects on the machine.