Factors affecting the effect of Foam Board Hot Stamping Machine

- Nov 06, 2020-

The hot stamping machine is a kind of printing machinery. Books with golden fonts or other things that are common on the market are basically completed with hot stamping machines. It can be said that the items made by it are everywhere.  

In the process of using, the hot stamping machine must pay attention to three important factors, that is, temperature, pressure, and speed. Only when the three cooperate with each other can the most perfect manufacturing be developed. Start with temperatureSpeaking of, the temperature of the hot stamping machine must be controlled within the corresponding range, not too high or too low, too high will easily melt or burn the printed items, too low will cause the printing to be rough and even fall. The second point is pressure. The transfer of the aluminum layer requires a certain amount of pressure to be printed on the corresponding article. Even if the temperature is enough but the pressure is not enough, it will not be printed. Therefore, they must cooperate with each other. The third point is the speed of the hot stamping machine. It is necessary to control the printing speed between the two objects. Too fast will cause printing marks to be blurred, and too slow will cause irregular printing. Therefore, these three factors restrict and cooperate with each other to print very good products. Yantai Changyu Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. is an excellent manufacturer of hot stamping machines, and advanced technical concepts can bring you a good experience.