Double gas path slip shaft of slitting machine

- Dec 17, 2019-

1. Double airway slip shaft: lock air pressure and adjust air pressure separation, realize continuous control from extremely low tension to wide tension range, coil winding tension is constant, end face is super smooth, excellent operation performance, automatic loading and unloading The volume is all based on a pneumatic button. In the middle of the process, the material is replaced with a material that has no displacement. It is an innovative upgraded version of the traditional central air pressure differential shaft, and a new type of dual gas path slip shaft with superior performance. Jing Technology's latest dedication! Lock paper tube / plastic tube / aluminum tube / steel tube


Representative products: Nishimura-style, Kataoka-style two dual-gas slip shafts

Among them, Xicun has the best performance, and its range of tension and controllability make it pleasant, comfortable and free to do whatever it takes. A variety of delicate coils can be easily handled! Lithium battery separator / pole piece, power battery pole piece, ultra-low tension PET film, electronic film, copper foil / aluminum foil and other metal foil cutting and winding, is gradually exploring the use of dual gas path slip shaft.


Kataoka is popular with users for its convenience, practicality, stability, toughness, and ease of operation. It is currently used for high-speed coiling of composite film and cigarette film! Expandable applications are more extensive.