Commissioning requirements and uniform force requirements for film wrapping machine for aluminum profiles

- Jun 05, 2019-

The film wrapping machine for aluminum profiles needs to determine 2-3 staff members during the operation, and the equipment should be effectively installed in a clean and level ground workshop. After the equipment is in place, remove the accessories on the machine and check and verify according to the packing list.

The film wrapping machine for aluminum profiles should effectively adjust the anchor bolts to make it evenly stressed, so that the fuselage reaches a horizontal state.

Check the equipment for bumps and damage during transportation. This machine uses 380V three-phase four-wire power supply. The power line should be greater than 2.5mm2, and the rightmost line of the power supply line is zero line. The machine is installed with a grounding wire according to the grounding standard. Turn on the power to check if the motor, heater, lighting, etc. are normal.

Debugging of film wrapping machine for aluminum profiles

1. Profile positioning: Take a well-made profile. Requirements: Can not bend or twist, put it on the bed conveyor wheel, adjust the distance between the two rows of conveyor wheels according to the width, shape and coating requirements of the profile. Adjust the width and height of the ruler and the platform to suit the coating requirements of the profile, and install the guide wheels on both sides so that the profile is parallel to the direction of movement of the conveyor.

2. Installation and adjustment of the pressure roller: Install and adjust the small pressure roller according to the contour of the profile surface. Generally, select the center line or the highest point or the lowest point of the main curve of the profile and profile, and make the point-by-point transition and crushing along the contour of the profile. The profile is laminated to the membrane. Install a small pressure roller to balance the lines and move them at the same time. There is a pressure roller on the top, and the support wheel must be installed at the bottom to balance the lines up and down and left and right. Otherwise, the line joints will be unreal. In the large plane, the small pressure roller can be used to gradually roll from the center to the two sides. At the 90° corner, a small pressure wheel 3 is needed, and the angle is gradually increased. For complex shapes, small pressure rollers need to be arranged naturally and cannot be forced to form. In particular, the decoration of decorative paper should be natural and