Classification and adjustment requirements for door frame hot stamping machines

- Jul 23, 2019-

In the process of working, the door frame bronzing machine can bake any color color mark, portrait photo, landscape pattern, etc. on porcelain plate, porcelain plate, PVC plate and metal plate, especially suitable for making medals, power of attorney, advertising agency, specialty store. Cards, commemorative cards, tombstones, cultural shirts, etc.

Classification of door frame stamping machine

The hot stamping plate of the door frame hot stamping presses the hot stamping foil on the printed piece, melts the adhesive layer of the hot stamping foil, separates the color carrier from the paper base, and the image color material is hot pressed on the printing surface until the color material is adhered. A printing method attached to the surface to be printed.

Commonly used hot stamping machines are available in both batch and continuous modes.

1. The intermittent hot stamping machine performs hot stamping in the case where the printing member and the hot stamping foil are stationary;

2. The continuous hot stamping machine performs hot stamping in the case of continuous movement of the printing member and the hot stamping head.

Door frame stamping machine adjustment

Pressure: adjust the pressure adjustment nut above the heating plate to increase or decrease the pressure;

Time: adjust the timer adjuster to the appropriate time;

Temperature: Adjust the left temperature regulator (three buttons for each digit, ten, hundred), press + or - to adjust to the appropriate temperature (150 ° C -200 ° C).

Note: When working in large quantities, stop the machine for about 60 minutes (two minutes).