Characteristics of PVC edge banding extrusion machine and its scope of application

- Apr 13, 2019-

PVC edge banding extrusion machine is mainly used to produce all kinds of PVC edge banding, which is widely used in medium and high grade furniture, kitchen utensils, bedroom suites, office series and so on. PVC edge band produced by PVC edge banding extrusion machine has good adhesion, trimming and same color, anti-oxidation, anti-ultraviolet effect, yellowing resistance, oil stain resistance, wear resistance, environmental protection, batch-to-batch No color difference and other characteristics.s


As far as the PVC edge banding extrusion machine itself is concerned, it not only has a special rod design, but also ensures high-speed extrusion of the main machine and good plasticization; and it adopts vacuum sizing cooling to ensure accurate roundness and uniform wall thickness. . In addition, it is equipped with a belt type traction machine, which adopts stepless frequency conversion speed regulation, imported PU multi-ribbed belt drag, and is suitable for stable operation of different extrusion speeds.


The PVC edge banding extrusion machine has a double-station winder, which can be replaced without stopping the machine. According to the customer's product requirements, the corresponding host and auxiliary machine can be configured for the extrusion of various profile products such as PU, PVC, TPR, TPE and EVA.