Characteristics of printing machine for PVC ceiling panel and printing quality

- Jul 19, 2019-

Application range of printing machine for PVC ceiling panel

Plastic (ABS, PC, PE, PP, PU, PVC, etc.), acrylic, metal, wood products, PVC, textile fabrics, glass, crystal, coated paper, ceramic tiles / porcelain.

Printing machine for PVC ceiling panel features

1, do not pick the material, you can print beautiful patterns on the surface of crystal, PVC, glass, metal, ceramic, Jakarta.

2. There is no surface contact with the printed pattern to avoid any damage to some fragile prints.

3, for ultra-thin substrates and any shape products up to 20 cm thick.

4, no plate making, and small-volume product printing.

5, no need to color, print multiple colors at a time, perfect color transition.

6, the operation process is simple, that is, spray dry, with efficient and fast personalized output features.

7. High yield and long service life.