Central air pressure slip shaft of slitter

- Dec 19, 2019-

Center air pressure slip shaft: input the corresponding air pressure to the shaft core air chamber (bag), compressed air pressure friction member - apply pressure to the slip ring - to generate the corresponding friction torque. The air pressure is output from the electro-pneumatic proportional valve and is controlled by the PLC tension system. The system parameters are set according to different materials, thicknesses and coil diameters, and always maintain constant tension. The low tension to the large tension range is continuously controllable.


The central air pressure differential shaft is divided into two types: pneumatic locking type and mechanical locking type.

1) Pneumatic locking type central air pressure differential shaft, the air pressure simultaneously locks the core and generates friction torque, which can realize automatic unloading, positive and negative reeling, winding without breaking in the middle of winding, no offset, High control precision and constant tension winding. The working pressure requirement is guaranteed to be more than 1KG, in order to grasp the die, not to rotate and not to displace, the disadvantage is that it can not be used for lower tension occasions. Lock the paper tube / plastic tube / aluminum tube / steel tube.


2) The mechanical locking type central air pressure sliding shaft, the mechanical eccentric mechanism locks the winding core, and the friction torque is generated by the air pressure. The working pressure is low, starting from extremely low tension to extremely large tension, and the control precision is high. The GZ ball type sliding shaft is also convenient for automatic loading and unloading.