Are there any limitations in the color of the printing machine?

- Jan 20, 2019-

The printing press is displayed in the color of the printed matter and can be divided into two types: monochrome printing and multi-color printing.

Monochrome printing is not limited to black ones, and those who display prints in one color are all. Poly Color Printing is divided into three categories: Casing Method, Register Method, and Multi-color Method.

For the color-increasing method, in the double-line range of the monochrome image, another color is added to make it clear and vivid, so as to facilitate reading. In general, the printing of children's books is mostly used; the color-collecting methods are independent of each other, do not overlap each other, and there is no color edge line, which is printed on the printed matter in turn. Generally, the printing of line tables, commodity wrapping papers, and topography is used.

Multi-color printing, according to the Additive Color Mixing Process, the natural color original is decomposed into a primary color separation plate, and then the Subtractive Color Mixing Process is used to reprint the original color plate on the same print. In terms of material, the color of the original color is different, and the natural color print of the Bi Xiao manuscript is also used. All color prints, except for a few additions and coloring methods, are all printed by the complex color method.