Application and maintenance of the wrapping machine for profiles

- Jul 22, 2019-

The wrapping laminating machine is a special machine for wrapping the surface of various materials such as wood raw materials, foam materials, and aluminum-plastic profiles. Surface coatings are available in PVC, solid wood and decorative paint. The application of the wrapping machine replaces the traditional paint processing technology and plays a very important role in the daily application of door line, curtain rod, window sill, skirting, and aluminum alloy.

In the maintenance of the wrapping machine, first of all, it should be ensured that the wrapping laminating machine is covered in a clean and clean environment to avoid the influence of dust entering the system. Regularly change the lubricating oil, and the operation must be taken care of when the power is turned off. If the share wrapping machine fails, you must ask a professional technician to check and repair it. You cannot open the case for inspection.