Analysis of hot stamping parts of automatic Foam Board Hot Stamping Machine

- Nov 26, 2020-

1. Longitudinal full-frame foil feeding system, which can hot stamp both longitudinally and transversely, reducing the amount of foil used and saving foil changing time.    2. The aluminum longitudinal axis can be increased to 6 axes according to customer needs, controlled by an independent servo. Yaskawa servo system in Japan. The brush roller is used to remove waste foil, and the user-friendly gold foil holder can be pulled out of the machine to facilitate gold foil replacement. Maximum gold foil diameter: 250mm. 3. Equipped with gold leaf separation and blowing device in vertical and horizontal directions, suitable for large-area hot stamping. 4. Human-machine interactive touch function can set different long pull and short pull. 5. If the length of the gold foil is shorter than 6m, an alarm will be triggered. The computer processing gold foil monitoring system displays the remaining and used gold foil length.