Advantages of all aspects of PUR hot melt glue wrapping machine

- Apr 08, 2019-

The emergence of PUR hot melt glue wrapping machine can actively promote the new process of coating PVC with PUR hot melt adhesive with a wide range of bonding applications, thus breaking the cold glue with low efficiency, slow speed, high scrap rate and long curing time. PVC-coated imprisonment.


PUR hot melt glue wrapping machine body having a stable and precise overall transmission system, after carefully adjusted before shipment, the operating speed can be up to 60 m / min, in the system equipped with automatic film feeder can even reach 120 m / min, its high efficiency, the speed, the running stability; squeegee and simple head structure, a plastic and smooth, easy maintenance.


PUR hot melt glue wrapping machine in the actual production process, precisely when PVC coated slides quickly reaches a high temperature plastic squeegee head 130 ℃ ~ 150 ℃ is simply no time to PVC material that absorbs large amounts of heat, thus ensuring PVC coating film is not deformed, without stretching. With a stable overall fuselage and sophisticated conveyor system, no form of correcting device is required, and the adjusted equipment is ready for production at any time, saving a lot of material and time.


PUR hot melt glue wrapping machine does not need to be stored and observed, and the speed is much faster than that of cold glue machine; the number of single operation units is the same as that of ordinary cold glue equipment, but the efficiency is greatly improved. With the automatic electronic control gear pump system, it can accurately control and digitally display the amount of glue per gram when it is coated at constant speed, and it can be evenly coated, no foaming, no glue, good glue effect, many Professional design makes the device easy to adjust and easy to master.